Activist, No Longer “Act(ing) As If”


what I made for the Women’s March on NY

A roaring tsunami of peacefully protesting pink pussy-hatted women (and men! and kids!) washed over the planet last Saturday. I was one drop in that ocean, finally finding my voice after forty-five years of legal adulthood, where I was (mostly) not rocking the boat / being seen but not heard / being a “good girl” instead of a “nasty woman.” I now intend on being an active, not passive, voice in what is a truly terrifying time in our nation’s history.

Here is one tributary of that pink wave, the one I was a part of in the Women’s March On NY.



I had already been commissioned in the past year to do some activist art for YogaCityNYC. The first was to address sexual harassment in the yoga world, a symbolic illustrative logo to accompany several articles and a community discussion.


Then came an illustration for a Vagina Scrum)


and finally, now that the election is over (and the P****Grabber-In-Chief is still whining and tweeting and in denial about his 3 million + loss in the popular vote), this:


Every week, YogaCityNYC will suggest ways to not go quietly into that abyss,

with “Do This Now!

I was going through some of my art from the early 1970s, tucked in my attic, and discovered a student book published by Parson’s School of Design right at the time I was graduating. Just a few months ago it seemed as quaint as my Beatle scrapbooks. How far we had come! Now, it is au courant, all over again. Take a look.








That’s nearly one half of a century. We had come so far. We can’t give up that ground.

copyright sharon watts

Parsons School of Design credits:

1/Angelo Foccacio, 2/Bruce Handler, 3/unknown student poster, 4/Tory Ettlinger, 5/Sheryl Saks, 6/Alan Wood, 7/Melissa Schreiber

YogaCityNYC ~ My Second Home

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Tax time is rolling around again, and as a freelancer I need to be on my toes as I gather forms from clients and make sure my numbers tally up to match theirs. My favorite gig for the last few years is not only the one that calls on me regularly, but also allows me the most freedom with an illustration. One would think that a yoga blog as serious as YogaCityNYC would require an equally serious approach to the accompanying art, but luckily for me, usually not! It’s hard not to be whimsical with my illustration, yet my editor/art director Cynthia has been known to push me even further. (We’ve both been doing yoga a while, and often view some of the “scene” that has evolved within this serious discipline through a bit of a jaded eye). But that’s Life, always encouraging me to achieve a balance between work and play, and always with beginner’s mind and an open heart.

Thank you YogaCityNYC!

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Guess what--I also write for YogaCityNYC! I get to meet and interview experts in their fields, visit art exhibits, attend workshops, and generally improve my knowledge by being inquisitive and sharing my findings with the reader. So–a double dream gig for this Gemini!

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