Welcome to Dirndl Skirt!

GIRL - homepage 72dpi

Take your time and visit my world
of creative souvenirs.

Pretend it’s a giant flea market in a bustling city—with no tube socks!

Or a small-town library on a lazy, rainy day.

Peruse the ARCHIVES for a whole lot more. That’s where I share stories that go with my art. That’s where the archivist in me plays in the attic and loses track of time—

all the while, documenting it.

If you see something, say something. Ask me what I have, or tell me what you’d like.
A dirndl skirt is a FULL skirt, so don’t leave empty!


See more here:


And to read about my art student days in NYC in the early 1970s:

Hell’s Kitchen and Couture Dreams



7 thoughts on “Welcome to Dirndl Skirt!

  1. Here I am – over from Soho Memory! I’m really looking forward to reading your posts. Especially what I just saw about the Kitchen in the 70s. (Love that neighbourhood also. I have a little history there also…).

    I live in a tiny loft & I’m trying to create some order today; hence there are papers & projects everywhere as I write this & I have to get that sorted. I’ll read more here when I can get a breath & write you/comment. I write a bit also (poetry); so I’m looking forward to visiting your other blogs also! ☕️☕️🌞

  2. LOL wow wonderful I am so excited to see that your creativity !!!! I look forward to reading your NEW book. Congratulations !
    James Buckley

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