Art for Love & Licensing

First I draw what I love to draw. Then I hear “Oh! I’d love this on a mug!” (Or tote bag, or note cards). We love our stuff, and it’s all possible, people! The Dirndl Skirt Shop is up and running, but feel free to contact me and let me know what you’d like. Pretty sure I can make it happen ~ I mean, Stuff Happens!

Let’s start with hearts. Cause you gotta have…

tangled up in you

Les Tweet Hearts

Let me call you tweet heart, I’m in love… with… you…


 lovey-dovey all the time

tying the knot

all that matters


Eco Art Productions 

Konitz Mugs – scroll to pg. 51 for entire set

5 thoughts on “Art for Love & Licensing

  1. I adore the variety that we can see here – from your delightful, whimsical drawings here, to your other, more sober pieces. I love it all! And the cat quote above is so, so true!

    • Thank you Alysa! I decided to combine all in one forum that I could change around myself. The first 2 parts of the girl & her kitty (on my website) are “Loves me, loves me not…”

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