An Icelandic Walkabout


He said, “Girl, you’re a beauty like I’ve never witnessed
And I’ve seen the Northern Lights dance in the air
But I’ve felt the cold that can follow the first kiss
And there’s not enough heat in the fires burning there.”

—John Hiatt, Icy Blue Heart

The Land of Fire and Ice was one of those destinations that was never really on my radar. Not until Yoko Ono set up her Imagine Peace Tower. Not until Larry toured and touted its wonders. Not until I decided I must see the Aurora Borealis before I die. I tucked Iceland into that folder that was fading : “Adventuress (of sorts).”  Was I ever? Was I still?

I was given the chance to find out. A stopover from London (on a mission to distribute my friend’s ashes into the Thames). An affordable flight. Three nights at an airbnb lodging. My Flybus deposited me onto a terrain with volcanic peaks and street names jumbled up like a very bad Scrabble hand. In the fog, no less. I was in Reykjavik with no immediate plan except to explore. And to soak in the Blue Lagoon.

Kind of in chronological order—but because Iceland is randomly cute and majestic and only a View-Master could possibly do it justice—my photos:

street sign in Reykjavik

I’m walkin’ here! I am a street sign connoisseur. A little googly eye pasted on by a kindred  spirit.

fog & duck

A “pea souper” my first evening in Reykjavik. But actual nightfall was 11pm.


I climbed up and back in the allotted 20 minutes before the bus would have left without me.

double rainbow

It was worth it.

tiny pants

Uh-oh. Black lava sand beach at Reynisfjara. (Actually, just folded paper that caught my eye.)

Caution - Groyne!

Fun with homophones!

Black sand beach

Reynisfjara shore, near the village of Vik. Near the groynes.

me & basalt

Basalt backdrop near the cave. A rare photo of me on this trip.

moss & basalt

Detail that does not do justice to this area.


A receding glacier. On the right are tiny specks—hikers who are coming off the glacier.

waterfall with people

Another waterfall, another rainbow. This one I went behind. Got wet. Worth it.

OK, after that 9-hour bus tour, my next day was spent roaming the city . . .



Babalu wall

Prikid window

Their corrugated metal buildings are everywhere and in all colors.

Prikid sign

Oldest cafe in Reykjavik (!) Beats me by 2 years! Had a veggie burger and glass of wine for $30. Yup.


Hallsgrimskirkja – visible from everywhere

Einar Jonsson Museum

the fabulous Einar Jonsson Museum

Reykjavik coffee litter

Reykjavik kitty

Getting homesick!

the force is with me

May the Reykjavik force be with you.

Oh, last but not least! Right before I boarded my plane.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon. Want to do it every week.

all photos copyright Sharon Watts 2017