How Do You Like Them Apples?


About a year or so ago, I began to paint with watercolor at the home of my friend Violet. I started with whatever was in front of me on the Formica table–usually a piece of aging fruit. Never a fan of doing still life (I like action! gesture!) I decided to view it as a challenge rather than a bore. Soon I realized that I wasn’t really painting fruit or vegetables, I was just focusing on the color, form, and detail in front of me. And such glorious detail–bruises, dings, decay! After letting the wet-on-wet color settle and dry where it wanted to (with a little help from me), I went in with a smaller brush and meditated on the beauty of imperfection. And aging. At this time in my life, the metaphor is too apt. Recently, I was helping a local landscape artist with her autumn pruning. She pointed to her apple tree and encouraged me to help myself, that they made good apple sauce. I knocked some down and thought, now I know what a real apple looks like. Each one was unique, misshapen to some aesthetics, but charming and unapologetic, and begging for a portrait. So I did, with each and every one. Granpa & Granny Smith copy apple cheeks apple and leaf copy motley duo copy solo  copy #6 Fading #7 Enigma copy Next I polished them off.




7 thoughts on “How Do You Like Them Apples?

  1. Fantastic!

    As I read downward through your teasing vertical presentation, where you describe and show the process, I am smiling because I see this whole presentation as the bigger piece of art. Metaphor or not, the bruises have never been so completely engaging.


  2. Beautiful!! Now you have to paint those beets too. There’s something so wonderful about eating what you studied and rendered–total consumption.
    I save my avocado pits in a bowl under the sink, and one summer, drew every pit I’d collected…there were 61 of them!

    • Those are gorgeous beets!! Look at those little hairy roots. So nice. We made paper in one of my Haystack workshops with beets. You could paint beets on beets.

      It is so nice to see your work again!

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