Paris, Je t’aime!

It’s October, and I wish I were in Paris. My first trip was in 1978. I was twenty-five years old. Paris pressed its imprint on me like a Toulouse-Lautrec lithography stone. Now I am forever drawing Eiffel Towers and café scenes. Here’s a journey through the years.

This was a promotional mailer, done in the early 1980s in the cut paper style that I was experimenting with. Matisse’s Jazz book had just been republished, and I was smitten. I now was drawing shapes with an X-acto blade and adding touches with colored pencils. My inner whimsy was definitely tapped into, like a genie out of the bottle.

The cut paper style evolved into tighter renditions of Paris icons, using Zip-a-Tone shading film and Letraset tape.

I even incorporated our cats, Be-Mo and Roxy, into Paris denizens.

This was part of a double-page spread done for Macy’s in 1987.

By the ’90s I was back to the brush.

With no signs of fatigue de Paris!

The single flirty eye was by now part of my signature.

This was inspired by Raoul Dufy.

This was for Newsweek International. The Chanel Lady was a character I employed a lot in my editorial assignments.

This is part of the Paris, Je t’aime series I am selling as prints in the Dirndl Skirt Shop.

Part of the Say:”La Vie” series that also will be featured in the Dirndl Skirt Shop.

Does this put you in the mood for Paris? I kind of thought it would.

C’est la vie.

5 thoughts on “Paris, Je t’aime!

  1. I love these illustrations, in particular the b&w one for Macy’s in 1987. I wish you’d feature more of your previous work here on your blog for those of us unfamiliar with much of what you’ve done.

  2. Thank you! I probably will do just that, as I am going through it all, stashed away in the attic. The Macy’s ad was great fun and was a finalist in Retail Ad Week. For that week, I imagine.

  3. I happened upon your other blog and noticed that you wrote that you plan to be making art when you are a hundred and four. I’m planning to still be writing and doing other things I enjoy when I’m a hundred and four. It’s good to know that their are other kindred spirits out there. 🙂

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