Mary Janes in Palo Alto

This year I promised myself I would start to enter more juried exhibitions (the ones that had an entry fee under $25) with my assemblage art. I was disillusioned by the experience of entering a mega-exhibit (read all about it here) and karma rewarded me with acceptance for the Small Art exhibit at the Fibre Arts Design Studio. The show is in Palo Alto, CA from June 14 thru end of July. I won’t be able to attend, but it’s nice to be accepted in the tony Bay area. Here are my two on display:

Passive 2011

Patent Pending 2007

6 thoughts on “Mary Janes in Palo Alto

    • Thank you, Thomas! Too bad you’ll probably be gone by the 14th. But I love coincidences. And I just realized the wrong style of shoe was in the title. Quik edit 🙂

  1. I particularly like the one with the mary janes, but also like how they work off of the shade of blue + fonts for the Vanity Fair Girdle Supporters (don’t really see those around now, do you?).

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